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One of the really rewarding aspects of camp number 22 was welcoming back several of the campers who attended one of our ‘mini’ camps. The mini-camp 2016 was for children under 6 who attended along with a parent. Photos from the camp in 2016 show a younger version of the kids a number of whom attended our latest camp last February (2024).

Now mature and confident, many in a leadership role, these young people are a shining example of how consistent rehabilitation, both physically and psychologically, along with support from home, result in young adults ready and able to embrace their future  as contributing members of society.  It reinforces our view that camp is far more than a few days of recreation, that the positive repercussions of these early experiences go far and should not be underestimated.





An issue that can't be ignored

In Peru, high levels of poverty, lack of education and limited or no access to long term healthcare and rehabilitation can lead to tragedy. 

For the 7000 child burn victims every year, life-long disability is a very real possibility. 

Together, we are working to change that.

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Helping children in need

CAFA is the Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM, a not-for-profit, registered charity. 

Together with ANIQUEM - a not-for-profit clinic located in Lima, Peru - we help provide assistance and rehabilitation services to children injured by burns. 

Through our work, we've helped provide services for over 3000 children and counting. To learn more about CAFA, what we do and how you can help, please explore the resources below.

Peruvian child burn victim

More than just fundraising

After a serious burn, there are many barriers that can prevent successful long term recovery for victims.


CAFA works to make treatment - both physical and psychological - accessible and affordable to victims and their families.


From transportation assistance to-and-from treatment centres, through academic scholarships, and group camps for recreation and self esteem, CAFA ensures that children don't let a single tragedy define their entire lives. 

Young Peruvian girl burn victim
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