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CAFA is dedicated to providing services for victims and supporting the work of ANIQUEM in Peru. While the care provided by the staff at the ANIQUEM clinic in Lima provides an invaluable service, there are still many problems that victims face. This is where CAFA comes in.

CAFA addresses many of the problems children have accessing the care they require, in providing assistance for follow up treatment, addressing the psychological needs of the victims and their families, and helping get children's lives back on track. 

To learn about the different programs provided as a direct result of CAFA's work and financial support, please explore below. 

What We Do

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Transportation in Lima Peru

Getting There

Seeking life-altering treatment can mean a real journey. We're there every step of the way.


Looking Ahead

Helping to break the cycle of poverty with the power of education.

CAFA burn camp activities

Healing Through Friendship

Our camps let kids relax, make friends and actually be a kid. 

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