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Canadian Friends of Aniquem Health Development Corporation

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Recreation Programs

Sadly, many of the scars that burn victims suffer from are under the surface, and typically the young people suffer from low self esteem and shame because of their appearance. CAFA helps with healing by helping victims learn how to be a kid again. Our three day burn camps organized each year for the burn patients have played a significant role in building understanding that they are not alone, that the scars are not their fault and the scars do not define who they are.

Our main camp takes place each February during the school break. In 2018 we also held a 'mother and child' camp in October. The main camp lasts three days.  Children ages 10-18 have a chance to play, laugh, and make new friends with people who understand them. 


The camps have a fantastic impact on the psychological recovery of the ANIQUEM patients and is a favourite of the children every year. The camps are coordinated by the CAFA staff in Lima, volunteers and the resident ANIQUEM psychologist.


We completed our 21st camp in February 2019 with 48 kids attending including our junior leaders.