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Recreation Programs

It was with great excitement and anticipation that we held our 22nd camp in February 2024. We had 42 patients including 6 junior leaders. Each Camp has an important impact on the psychological recovery of the ANIQUEM patients. Every year an effort is made to include kids who have never been to camp. The activity group yellow is a great example. Led by Cesar, the three campers in the middle of the photo - Christofer, Jhonny and Judith, are all first time campers. They were all enthusiastic participants and each one is hoping to return next year. 

Our program
Most of the kids who attend the CAFA camps have experienced bullying, isolation, feelings of shame and self-doubt, simply because they have burn scars.  Our three day burn camps are specifically designed to counteract these negative feelings. The kids learn that they are not alone, that the scars are not their fault and that scars do not define who they are. More importantly they make friends, giving them the chance to have fun, share their feelings and feel understood and appreciated.


Camper Melani


Now 10, Melani was only a few months old when she was left unattended for a few minutes and a nearby candle fell into her crib causing an instant fire. She arrived at ANIQUEM after a month at the Lima childrens’ hospital, and has been a favorite of the team since that day. Melani was an active camper this year, coming from her home in Huanuco for the occasion.

Karen and Carmen 2024
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