Scholarship Program

During and after rehabilitation from a severe burn, the effects of the accident takes a toll on the lives of the burn survivor. Young people may be unable to perform certain physical tasks and be subject to shame and bullying, which reduces self confidence. Breaking the cycle of poverty by getting a good education is important.  


 To help meet this need CAFA began funding scholarships for those in the transport program in 2011 and in February of 2020 we celebrated our 10th scholarship ceremony. In March 2020 we approved 3 additional students  and in February 2021 another young woman was accepted in the post secondary scholarship program.  CAFA will provide our scholarship students with support through to graduation as long as the student is able to fulfill our requirements. CAFA is proud to say that 12 young Peruvians have now graduated from the scholarship program and two more are due to graduate in July and August of 2021.


Additionally, patients in the public school system who need help with the purchase of school supplies receive this assistance from CAFA. In 2021, 30 children and youth took advantage of this program. All young people have had to go to school virtually since March 2020, and having the proper books and other supplies does encourage them to strive to learn in this difficult situation.


Now 19 years old, Yuleisi was badly burned at age 7 when she tripped and fell into a large pot of boiling water in the family kitchen.  Her father walked several miles and for several hours carrying Yuleisi to a health post for treatment.  The nuclear family of 5 live in the province of Cajamarca about two hours distant from the city of Cajamarca by bus.  Despite this, and with the help of  the CAFA transport program, Yuleisi and her father have come regularly to ANIQUEM in Lima for treatment, to attend camp, once for a surgery campaign. During the past year when school was only available over television and with the use of a phone for communication, Yuleisi was able to complete her final year of high school.

CAFA accepted Yuleisi into our scholarship program in February of 2021, and at present she is studying to be a pharmacy technician at an institute in Cajamarca city.  At present, due to the  COVID lockdown, she continues to study remotely.  Now, however, she has the help of a laptop computer, which was generously donated by a CAFA supporter in Lima. She is looking forward to getting to town to study with other young people, but in the meantime is making the best of the situation.