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Scholarship Program

Our Program

In February of 2024 we celebrated the 14th year of our scholarship program for burned children. This program is designed to encourage children in primary and secondary school to enjoy school and succeed to the best of their ability, so that their focus changes away from what they cannot change – their scars – to what they can change – their prospects that come from success in school.   For those who wish to continue after secondary school, we accept applications for scholarships in post-secondary school. In March 2023, CAFA accepted another student into the program. In January 2024 Grace obtained her certification in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. There are now four continuing students in this part of the program.


CAFA began funding scholarships for ANIQUEM patients from the CAFA transport program in 2011. The 18 graduates thus far have used their education and training to have careers they enjoy, allowing them to be self-supporting and to aid family members, providing a better quality of life and helping others to also achieve their goals.

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School Supplies

In 2024 school supplies have been given to 45 CAFA transport students who are in elementary and secondary school. It’s a happy occasion for the young students when they come to ANIQUEM to pick up their bag of materials, (as you can see from the smiles on their faces).

Liam and Jon

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