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Scholarship Program

During and after rehabilitation from a severe burn, the effect of the injury takes a toll on the life of the burn survivor. The change in appearance can be dramatic, but even small changes are magnified in the minds of the patient. Young people may be unable to perform certain physical tasks and be subject to shame and bullying.  Kids very often have difficult accepting the fact that the scars are permanent. Our scholarship program is designed to encourage children in primary and secondary school to enjoy school and succeed to the best of their ability, so that their focus changes away from what they cannot change – their scars – to what they can change – their future prospects that come from success in school.   For those who wish to continue after secondary school, we accept applications for scholarships in post-secondary school.


 CAFA began funding scholarships for ANIQUEM patients in the CAFA transport program in 2011, and in February of 2022 we celebrated our 12th scholarship ceremony. After two years studying at home, the prospect of returning to school was exciting and not a little frightening, especially for the younger kids.  We were happy to gift more than 50 students with school supplies to help them on their way.   Several graduates (some very recent) of our scholarship program were on hand to speak of their experiences and encourage younger students. Four students are now in this part of the program. Congratulations!


Grace started her course in physiotherapy in March of 2020. After fully expecting to attend the institute in person, she has been forced to work at home for the past two years. At the scholarship ceremony, Grace was delighted to come to ANIQUEM to talk with the children and socialize with her peers. Grace has maintained top marks throughout, and was recently chosen by the institute to do some practical work at an outdoor clinic.

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