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What Is CAFA?

CAFA is the Canadian Friends of ANIQUEM Health Development Corporation. We are a not-for-profit, registered charity based in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. 

We work to assist ANIQUEM - a Peruvian non-profit clinic that operates in Lima - by providing independent programs to support the rehabilitation of burned children.

Through our volunteers in Canada, and dedicated staff in Peru, we deliver actions that directly aid in the physical and psychological recovery of children injured by burns - many of whom live in poverty. 

Explore the about section to learn more about ANIQUEM, the issue of burns in Peru, or the history and structure of CAFA.

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A Tragic Issue

Heartbreaking accidents happen every day in Peru, and the problem won't simply go away.


Who We Are

From dedicated volunteers on one continent to outstanding staff on another.


More Than a Clinic

ANIQUEM provides assistance, care, and hope for thousands of children each year.

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