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Canadian Friends of Aniquem Health Development Corporation

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Transportation Assistance

An important part of CAFA's mission is to make sure that children who are in need of treatment and rehabilitation can access it. The transportation program specifically assists the poorest burn survivors that come to the ANIQUEM clinic. As there is no other location in Peru that offers comprehensive rehabilitation for scarring from burns at no cost to the patient, children from the poorest sector of society may need to travel considerable distances in order to get help at the ANIQUEM clinic in Lima. 


The various treatments require that the children and a care giver return to the clinic on a regular basis. Unfortunately - with a large percentage of families operating on incomes of less than $70 CDN per person, per month - even bus fare from within the city becomes a financial strain.

Our transport program supports children from this socioeconomic group. For those living in and around Lima, transit fare for the child and a care-giver is provided for each visit to the clinic. In many cases, money for food is provided as well. For those who must travel to Lima, tickets on buses from outside the city are provided when a bus company cannot be persuaded to donate the fare. These children typically must come for up to a week, three or four times per year for treatment. The transport program also helps with lodging and food for the patients and their guardians while staying in Lima.


MARICIELO from Cusco is 8 years old. She was burned during carnival when she was accidently doused in alcohol by another child thinking it was water. Someone then lit a match igniting the alcohol. Her whole body was burned. She is living temporarily in Lima and comes to the clinic about once a month.

Thanks to GC4C for their kind support!

LIAM comes from Cajamarca, a 14 hour journey from Lima. He is 3 years old.   He was burned when he was 1 ½ years by hot oil that was spilled on him in the kitchen. He has come 9 times this past year, and also attended the camp in October.