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Transportation Assistance

Our program
An important part of CAFA's mission is to make sure that children in need of treatment and rehabilitation for burn scarring can access it. The transportation program specifically assists child burn survivors living in poverty or extreme poverty - even bus fare from within the city becomes a financial strain - that come to the ANIQUEM clinic. As there is no other location in Peru that offers comprehensive and integrated rehabilitation for scarring from burns, children from across Peru may need to travel considerable distances in order to get help at ANIQUEM
The various treatments require that the children and a care giver return to the clinic on a regular basis.

For those living in and around Lima, transit fare for the child and a caregiver is provided for each visit to the clinic. In many cases, money for food is provided as well. For those who must travel to Lima, tickets on buses from outside the city are provided. These children typically must come for up to a week, three or four times per year for treatment. The transport program also helps with lodging and food for the patients and their guardians while staying in Lima.


During the covid pandemic, many ANIQUEM patients had trouble getting to the clinic, and virtual appointments were often substituted. Of course, the kids kept growing and new cases of burn injuries occurred. Now, therefore, more kids are having to access or return the clinic for therapy, at a time of lower income levels and greater transportation costs.

Carmen, Cecia, and Ana

Carmen and Cecia, from a town near Chiclayo, and Ana from near Arequipa, pose with their CAFA school supplies at the ANIQUEM clinic.  Carmen and Cecia, sisters, were burned in a horrific fire at home 7 years ago that left 4 out of 5 children severely injured. Ana was also badly burned in a fire when she was a small child. In March 2023 all three were in Lima awaiting surgery at the children’s hospital; all were pleased to be able to attend the first CAFA camp in three years (February 2023). They were also recipients of school supplies from our scholarship program. The transport program supplies bus fare inside Lima and transport costs when they can return home.

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